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Frequently asked questions


The deposit amount is €900,- unless otherwise agreed.

The deposit fee can be payed by (credit) card authorisation. Upon paying by card, €18,15 including VAT will be charged to cover for administration costs.

The expected rental cost including the deposit must be paid prior to the rental period.

Picking up and delivery of a rental car:

This is possible. Please let us know beforehand when you would like to pick up the rental car and we will do our best to make it possible. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this.

This is only possible if the rental car is available one day prior to the rental period. If this is the case, the rental car can be picked up at the end of the day prior to the rental period. We cannot guarantee the availability of the rental car. Please contact us so we can check if the car is indeed available.

This is not a problem, as long as you let us know in advance.

The rental car must be delivered with a full gas tank. If this is not the case, the gas costs will be charged.

There are different ways to check on which fuel type the rental car runs:

  1. The fuel type is shown on the label of the rental car’s keys
  2. The fuel type can be found in the instruction manual of the rental car.
  3. The fuel type can be found on the rental form.
  4. You can always contact us if you are unsure.

The minimum age is 21 years and own a driver’s license for at least two years.

The car can be easily returned during the opening hours. It is also possible to return the car at a different moment. Please contact us to make an arrangement.

In case you want to use the pick-up and delivery service, please let us know when you make the reservation. The car will be delivered and picked up at the agreed location. Costs for pick-up and delivery can be found at:


Do not forget to bring the following proofs of identity when picking up your rental car:

  • A valid driver’s license which you own at least 2 years
  • Identity card or passport to comply to the dual identification requirement

Use of extras:

As long as the maximum loading capacity is not exceeded there are no restrictions on transporting goods with the rental car. When in doubt, please contact us.

The following extras are available for rental:

  1. Dolly, €3,50 a day, €20 a week
  2. Tie-down straps, €3 a day
  3. Packing blanket, €1 a day, €5 a week
  4. Snow chains, free of charge
  5. Loading bridge, free of charge

The desired extras can be selected with the online reservation of the rental car.

Insurance and deductible excess:

All rental cars are insured in case of breakdowns. Please contact the subsidiary where you rented the car.

The increased deductible excess of €1815,- including VAT is applied in the following cases:

  • Glass damage
  • Theft or embezzlement of the rental car
  • Burglary damage
  • Damage caused by using the tow-bar
  • Damage caused by extreme weather conditions (damage caused by hail, thunder, water or a storm)

Damage to personal belongings and goods being transported are excluded from the insurance.

Rental cars are all-risk insured with a deductible excess of €907,50,- including VAT.

The following rules apply for the deductible excess:

  • Vehicles are all-risk insured with a deductible excess of €907,50 including VAT.
  • In case of damage located above the height of 1,50 meters (5 feet), the deductible excess is €1815 including VAT.
  • More information? Please consult the Terms and Conditions (section 3)

Rental period:

Yes, this is possible. Please contact the subsidiary ­where you rented the car. Auto Mertens has the right to cancel the extended rental period at any given time.

The rental car may exclusively be driven by the person agreed to be the renter or driver.

It is possible to cancel the rental agreement. If the cancellation is seven days prior to the rental period, 50% of the rental costs will be refunded. If the cancellation is not seven days prior to the rental period, there will be no refund.

Yes, the terms and conditions can be found here:

General terms and conditions

A weekend is the period from Saturday 9:00 A.M. until Sunday 23:59 P.M.

A rental day is a period of 24 consecutive hours with a maximum delay of 29 minutes. A rental day typically starts at 8 A.M. in the morning, but a different starting time is also accepted.

Extra costs (Damage costs, fines, vandalism):

The renter is obligated to report theft, embezzlement or other illegal activities to us and make a declaration at the police office within a day.

Fines are passed on to the renter. We will also charge additional administration costs.

In case of rental car damage, the renter is obligated to fully fill in the accident report and deliver this to the rental location within two days after the accident.


The rental cars can be compared on this page. It is also possible to download a folder with all the prices from our website.

It is prohibited to smoke in the rental car. If there is any reason to believe that anyone smoked in the car, the car will be cleaned thoroughly and costs will be for the renter.